Hughes Family

Have you ever wished family lived a little closer? I’ve wished this on certain occasions. I wish my kids could have more time with their grandparents. Maybe it’s because I’ve been missing my grandparents lately. Well, this family, the Hughes family, is one of the lucky ones! With their grandparents across the street, and a grandmother down the hall, these kids are best friends with their grandparents! In fact, they told their grandmother she could never move, ha ha!

Hughes Family

Ricky and Melissa just had their 5th baby! And boy is he sweet! It is crazy how fast they grow. I always seem to forget how little they come, even though my own baby is only 4 months old! This baby brother is loved to the fullest by his siblings, parents and grandparents. His oldest brother was pretty excited to finally have a brother after three little sisters!

The three girls in the middle were a total blast to photograph! I coached them in the beginning with knee pops, hands on hips, and twisting at the torso. But by the end, they were reminding me that they were nailing the posing! Their smiles were infectious! They were up for anything that I wanted to try. I have the best clients!

Ricky and Melissa, I have grown to love your family so much! I can see how close you are to each other. I see your love and respect for each other. I love hearing about family dinners with grandparents. You really put family first. I admire that so much. You have taught your kids values and morals. They work hard in school and extracurricular activities. You have set a wonderful example for all parents. Thank you for allowing me to capture this time in your life when your children are little and growing! Congratulations on that sweet, new baby!

Hughes Family Hughes Family

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