About Cassie

Hi I’m Cassie! I’m so excited you’ve come to the website to look at some of my work. I absolutely love being a photographer. I love finding great light for great pictures. There’s just something about beautiful light that brings so much life to a photo, and I’m always on a mission to find it.

A little about me, I have 3 kids and I’m married to my sweetheart, Brandon. After a few “Ah Mom!”s and a few eye rolls, they all love being my models. I hardly ever have to bribe them with anything more than marshmallows, ice cream, and trips to Disneyland!

Aside from photography, I love to run. 15 minute mile, no sweat! I make a habit of mopping the floor at least twice a year. Favorite food group: brownies. My claim to fame? I once met Uncle Joey from Full House after a hockey game. He was THE nicest guy!

Feel free to call or send me an email! 208-340-9854   Cassie@PhotographyByCassie.com


Nick + Lisa + Kids

After our anniversary session, we got to do family pictures! Nick and Lisa have four beautiful children. Each one has their own personality, full of genuine love you can feel. They were so excited to get in front of the camera which is a photographer’s dream! They were so much fun and so easy to …

Nick + Lisa

This was such a beautiful session! I had the privilege of photographing Nick and Lisa’s 10 year anniversary pictures! They are a really sweet couple, still madly in love, or probably more in love than the day they got married. Their love is the kind that will last forever. They know how to work together, they …

Miss Leila

This girl has been such a bright spot in my life! She is so kind and sweet, she makes me laugh every single day, and that smile of hers is so darn contagious! I don’t know why it takes me so long to do a photoshoot with her, but maybe it’s because my other two …

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