About Cassie

I’m Cassie!

A little about me:

  • I have 4 kids. I’m telling you, stick with the epidural.
  • I’m married to my sweetheart, Brandon.
  • After a few “Ah Mom!”s and a few eye rolls, they all LOVE being my models. I hardly ever have to bribe my kids with anything more than marshmallows, ice cream, and trips to Disneyland!
  • I love to run. 15 minute mile, no sweat!
  • I make a habit of mopping the floor at least twice a year.
  • Favorite food group: brownies.
  • I take my 8-year-old’s soccer games a tad too seriously. Brandon keeps telling me to “tone it down, honey.”
  • The best place to get dinner in my super small town is at the gas station, no joke!
  • My claim to fame? I once met Uncle Joey from Full House. He was THE nicest guy!

Feel free to call or send me an email! 208-340-9854   Cassie@PhotographyByCassie.com


Elsie’s Birth Part 2

Elsie’s birth was really an amazing experience, and if you haven’t had a chance to read the first part of her story, here’s the link. But I wanted to write Elsie’s birth part 2. I got pretty lucky having three of my closest friends there for Elsie’s grand entrance to the world! I wasn’t sure …

Jimmy & Crystal

Scary News It was early in the afternoon when her parents got the call. Crystal had been in an accident, and it was serious. She was care-flighted to the hospital where her parents rushed to be by her side. Crystal’s neck was broken, hip fractured, lung punctured. Her mom and sister pulled glass out of …

Hughes Family

Have you ever wished family lived a little closer? I’ve wished this on certain occasions. I wish my kids could have more time with their grandparents. Maybe it’s because I’ve been missing my grandparents lately. Well, this family, the Hughes family, is one of the lucky ones! With their grandparents across the street, and a …