About Cassie

Hi I’m Cassie! I’m so excited you’ve come to the website to look at some of my work. I absolutely love being a photographer. I love finding great light for great pictures. There’s just something about beautiful light that brings so much life to a photo, and I’m always on a mission to find it.

A little about me, I have 3 kids and I’m married to my sweetheart, Brandon. After a few “Ah Mom!”s and a few eye rolls, they all love being my models. I hardly ever have to bribe them with anything more than marshmallows, ice cream, and trips to Disneyland!

Aside from photography, I love to run. 15 minute mile, no sweat! I make a habit of mopping the floor at least twice a year. Favorite food group: brownies. My claim to fame? I once met Uncle Joey from Full House after a hockey game. He was THE nicest guy!

Feel free to call or send me an email! 208-340-9854   Cassie@PhotographyByCassie.com


Laighton + Katie + Kids

I just love when a session comes together as flawlessly as this, from the perfect light right down to all the cool hair cuts! This is such a sweet family, each and every one of them. I feel like this family has the “cool smile” nailed down. Laighton and Katie are such amazing parents, people …

Emerick Family

Meet the Emericks! Ok, ok, this happens to be my sister, Emily, and her amazing family. Isn’t she beautiful!?! And aren’t all those girls beautiful!? Jared, my brother-in-law, is the best dad and husband, and I admire him so much. I absolutely love photographing this family! Their positive energy and enthusiasm is infectious! Emily nailed …

Eric + Alisha

Meet Eric and Alisha, and their super sweet family! I could’ve taken their pictures all day, literally! They have the BEST smiles and such a fun energy. I’m lucky enough to call these guys family too! 🙂 But seriously, aren’t they the cutest family!? I really had the best session, thanks Eric & Alisha!!

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