Jimmy & Crystal

Scary News

It was early in the afternoon when her parents got the call. Crystal had been in an accident, and it was serious. She was care-flighted to the hospital where her parents rushed to be by her side. Crystal’s neck was broken, hip fractured, lung punctured. Her mom and sister pulled glass out of her hair for days. She was on oxygen and heavy pain medicine. She was lucky to be alive.


This horrible scene was almost fourteen years ago. The news about Crystal’s accident spread quickly. Jimmy, one of Crystal’s biggest admirer’s throughout middle and high school, came to be by her side at the hospital. She was there for almost two weeks recovering, not to mention her extensive recovery at home!


Jimmy came almost every day, especially the days when her parents had to work. I think its safe to say he has loved her for a long, long time. He waited patiently for her while she dated other men, and watched from afar.

The Beginning

After Crystal had a son (who is completely adorable by the way), and that relationship ended, Jimmy was ready to ask her out on a date. He was completely respectful. A total gentlemen. He didn’t push too hard. Jimmy simply treated her with kindness.


When the day came for Jimmy to meet Crystal’s son, she worried. She wanted to protect her boy from all the bad in the world. She fretted about the possibility of another horrible breakup. Crystal wanted a man who would be an influence for good in both their lives. So when her little boy wrapped his arms around Jimmy for the first time, Crystal’s heart grew in love and admiration for him. Her little boy had an instant connection to Jimmy. He has been an amazing father ever since! He loves that little boy just as much as Crystal.

Jimmy & Crystal

Jimmy and Crystal, congratulations on your engagement! What a special time in your life this is! I admire how you have been there for each other through some incredibly difficult times. You really are a perfect match! I loved our session together in Genoa. It is as beautiful there as you two are. I am so excited for you to tie the knot in May! It will be an incredible, memorable day! I love you both!

Jimmy & Crystal Jimmy & Crystal

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