My Best Friend

It was a normal day, just like any other in Carson City, Nevada. The sun was shining on a spring morning. I was taking care of my little girl when the phone rang. It was Courtney, my best friend, calling as she often did just to say hi and if I needed anything from the store. Then she asked me to do her a favor. Of course my response was, “Anything! You’re ALWAYS serving me!” She chuckled as she said, “Can you just ask me how old I am?” I had to laugh! It was her birthday the following day.

“How old are you Court?”

“29 Cass, I’m 29! I’m just 29 years old. Just in case you were wondering, I’m 29 today!”

“Courtney, one more time, how old did you say you are?”

“Oh I’m just 29 today Cass. Twenty…..Nine.”

We laughed and laughed! Then, the day before I turned 30, I had to call and return the favor. Courtney and her sweet husband, Dan, are always making me laugh. Their smiles and happiness are contagious!

She is also a labor and delivery nurse which has been a great source of knowledge to me over the years. Recently, she was there for the birth of my fourth child. I couldn’t have asked for a better advocate, right next to my husband, Brandon.

Courtney, you are the greatest friend in the entire world! You are always looking out for the interests of others, wanting to serve them at any given opportunity, no matter how busy you are with your own family. Your intentionality with parenting is moving and such an inspiration to me. The way you teach your children to be kind, good listeners and serve others is a direct reflection of the exceptional parent you are. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to call you friend. I love you all, Budd Family!

Wright Family

Meet the Wright family! I’m so grateful I have been able to get to know this family. They are an example of strength, faith and courage to me. They are the kind of family that bonds together during hard times, not separate. They are moving away after putting down some roots, so it was my privilege to take their photos. Its always hard to start over and move some place new, but I know this family will be just fine. They are easy to love and will make friends fast in their new area. I’m just hoping to stay in touch! Thank goodness for social media to make it super easy! I love you, Wright Family!


Meet Eric! He’s this really cool, incredibly smart, and athletic senior. It was so fun getting to know him and talk to him about football, future college plans, and favorite subjects. Plus he’s got the best smile! I’m excited to see where the future leads him. Good luck this year Eric! Senior year is the best!




Knight Family

Meet one of my sweetest, dearest friends, Ashley. She has this amazing family, you see. Four little boys, a sweet husband, and then came her beautiful daughter. She’s the kind of person who never judges you. She’s the kind of person who makes extra pumpkin muffins just to share with you. She’s the kind of person who laughs at the simple things in life. She’s always inspiring me to be my best self. She is the easiest going person you’ll ever meet, not to mention completely generous and beautiful! This session was crazy with rain and wind that came from nowhere, but they were total troopers to run from the car to the weeds to get a few shots when the rain lightened up!  Gosh I love this family!


This is my sweet little girl, Kiera. She chose to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I feel pretty lucky to have her in my life. She is more patient than me, more kind than me, and more fun usually! I just love her so much! We got her a beautiful white dress for the occasion and couldn’t resist a photoshoot! Here’s a few of my favorites!

Laighton + Katie + Kids

I just love when a session comes together as flawlessly as this, from the perfect light right down to all the cool hair cuts! This is such a sweet family, each and every one of them. I feel like this family has the “cool smile” nailed down. Laighton and Katie are such amazing parents, people who I want to emulate. They are completely intentional in all they do. I really look up to them. I am so so grateful I had the opportunity to do their family pictures. I love you Laighton and Katie and your sweet kids!

Emerick Family

Meet the Emericks! Ok, ok, this happens to be my sister, Emily, and her amazing family. Isn’t she beautiful!?! And aren’t all those girls beautiful!? Jared, my brother-in-law, is the best dad and husband, and I admire him so much. I absolutely love photographing this family! Their positive energy and enthusiasm is infectious! Emily nailed it on the location, the outfits and even the weather! These guys make my job so easy!

Eric + Alisha

Meet Eric and Alisha, and their super sweet family! I could’ve taken their pictures all day, literally! They have the BEST smiles and such a fun energy. I’m lucky enough to call these guys family too! 🙂 But seriously, aren’t they the cutest family!? I really had the best session, thanks Eric & Alisha!!

Curtis + Erin

Curtis and Erin, congratulations! I really loved working with this couple, they were so kind, patient, and sweet with each other. I loved being able to do a first look with them! Watching Erin tear up, and Curtis couldn’t wipe that huge smile off his face! It was really a special moment. The way he looks at her, the way he’s careful with her dress, says so much about how much he cares for her. Being around Curtis and Erin, I could tell this is a special kind of love. Their life will be joyful, and I am so blessed I could be a part of their “beginning.” I hope you love these pictures as much as I loved being a part of their beautiful day.

Nick + Lisa + Kids

After our anniversary session, we got to do family pictures! Nick and Lisa have four beautiful children. Each one has their own personality, full of genuine love you can feel. They were so excited to get in front of the camera which is a photographer’s dream! They were so much fun and so easy to work with. These are just a few of my favorites.