Nick and Susan’s Family Pictures

I love when families can be together for Christmas and the Christmas break! In this case, its super rare for this beautiful family to all be together! The kids are spread out, living in Hawaii and California. Kids are working and going to school, busy with life. So it is quite the treat to be together for the holidays!

Family Pictures and Making Memories

A great way to make memories is to have family pictures while everyone is together. Though it can be stressful getting everyone ready and together, putting family pictures on the walls of your home can help kids feel a sense of belonging and love. I feel honored I was able to take pictures of this fun family while they were here for Christmas break.

Boys, Boys, Boys…

Seeing this family reminds me a lot of my own family. There are so many boys! I really love all my brothers and the fun they bring to the family. This is true for this family too! The girls just get to sit back and laugh while the littlest guy gets spoiled and all the attention!

Levi, the littlest boy, brought nothing but excitement and joy to this session. His smile is my favorite! He loves his brothers and sisters so much. I loved capturing that!

Dear Nick and Susan

Nick and Susan, I have so much admiration for you and how you are able to juggle all the demands kids bring into the home! You have children out of the house that still need you. You have children in the house that demand your time and energy.

These are some amazing, talented, and kind kids! I know you play an enormous role in shaping the kind of people they have become. You are wonderful parents. It was great seeing the personalities of each one. I hope your Christmas break was special and full of memories. I hope everyone travels home safely! Thank you for allowing me a peak into your beautiful family!

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