Murphy Family

Kids filed into the gymnasium. It’s where they always gathered as a school. It was another regular day at the elementary school. Respect shirts could be seen worn by students and faculty. Invited parents had taken seats in the back. After the assembly, Mrs. Murphy, the principal, asked the kids to stand. Projected onto the screen was something unexpected. Something that you wouldn’t see in most elementary schools, but something that reflected Mrs. Murphy’s spontaneous personality. The Tooty Ta dance. Now if you’ve never danced to the Tooty Ta dance, stop reading and do so now!

As the song started, you could hear some kids giggling over here, and some over there. Simple moves, thumbs up, elbows back, feet apart, knees together, bottoms up, tongues out, eyes shut, turn around. It was not long and everyone was laughing! Mrs. Murphy was at the front, showing her moves, being the silly, fun, and cheerful principal as she always is. Parents pulled out their phones to video the comical scene. There wasn’t a single kid in the gym who didn’t enjoy themselves that morning.

Mrs. Murphy, you are the best principal I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. I see your love for each child. I admire the way you can turn anything boring into something really engaging. You are a lady of class and confidence! You radiate goodness. Your enthusiasm for life is infectious. I loved being able to photograph your family. I loved your willingness to trek through the weeds and stickers in a dress for this desert session! You and your family have an easy-going attitude that made for an evening of laughter. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you, your wonderful husband, and your talented sons over the short time I’ve been here. You guys are the reason my job is so enjoyable. Thank you for being wonderful!

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