Brandon Zile

Before I knew Brandon Zile, I knew his amazing mom, Megan. We met at a church Halloween party. That’s where I first learned that they lived on a ranch an hour outside of town. And by an hour outside of town, I mean outside of our teeny-tiny town. So they lived really far out!

Megan told me stories about her kids at the party. She told me about the ranch they lived on and how it was hard work but really wonderful too.

Megan and Dave have “yours, mine, and ours” kids that keep them on their toes. Brandon is the oldest of the seven kids. Two girls live in Southern Nevada, so when they all get together for Christmas break, we have to take pictures! We did family pictures as well as Brandon’s senior pictures. And let’s not forget Roger, Brandon’s dog! It was really fun having Roger smile for a few pictures!

Brandon Zile

Megan has often told me how proud she is of this fine young man. He is Dave’s best worker on the ranch! He works hard and has common sense when issues arise. Brandon has strong core values. He puts his family and God first. And when the work is done and it’s time to play, you will find him shooting hoops and doing wheelies on his mountain bike!

Brandon, you are one focused senior! I love that you are driven to work hard. You have a humble attitude that people can’t help but love! Your confidence in yourself is well balanced by your humility. What a wonderful example you set for your younger siblings! They look up to you and love you so much. The Pershing County Mustang basketball team is going to miss you! I hope this senior year leaves you with amazing memories. Thank you for sharing a little piece of it with me! Good luck, Brandon, in all your future endeavors!

Brandon Zile Brandon Zile

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